10 Tips for Living More Mindfully

What follows are just a few of the most important ways to support your meditation practice and strengthen your practice of mindfulness in everyday life—what I call “headspace.” The theme that runs throughout is awareness, an understanding of both oneself and others. It’s about developing a gentle curiosity: watching, noticing, and observing what’s happening in every aspect of your life—how you act, how you speak, and how you think. It’s not […]




13 of the Most Fascinating Public Sculptures

Commissioned public artwork has been part of our culture for many millennia. Over time, as world travel has become easier and safer, commissioned civil works of art have turned into tourist attractions all their own. From the bustling streets of New York City and Chicago to quieter corners of the globe in Howick, South Africa, and Las Colinas, Texas, Architectural Digest surveys 13 of the world’s most fascinating public sculptures. […]


How WD-40 Created a Learning-Obsessed Company Culture

I’ve spent years thinking and writing about one of the great mysteries of leadership and change: Why is it that the people and organizations with the most experience, knowledge, and resources in a particular field are often the last ones to see and seize opportunities for something dramatically new?   How WD-40 Created a Learning-Obsessed Company Culture



Cave-digging artist finds inspiration underground

For the past 25 years, Ra Paulette has been carving out man-made caves from the sandstone hills of New Mexico, and then sculpting these spaces into works of art he calls wilderness shrines.




One Moment Please

Anxiety levels are climbing, distractions are growing, and attention is being stolen from the things that matter most. It’s time to revive the dying art of paying attention.